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Chicken Shack Agencies


Please Read this carefully. We cannot give you full service without the following. DOWNLOAD PDF

All equipment remains the property of Chicken Shack Agencies cc until account is fully settled.


Outstanding payments will be charged 2.5% interest per month until fully settled.


Chicken Shack will not be responsible for any breakdowns or defects if the facilities are not available to test all equipment immediately, once the installation has been completed.


Price exclude delivery and installation on all equipment quoted unless otherwise indicated.


No electrical connections will be carried out by CSA.


Drinker prices are quoted on the poultry house being level, There will be an additional cost if the site is uneven.


Client is to ensure that any concrete or building work has to be completed and dry before work can commence.


Pan feeder prices are quoted on cross beam spaces not being longer than 3m.


All prices exclude 14% VAT unless otherwise indicated.


Please see to it that the installation team has proper living facilities while on site, if the client does not allow installation  team on site it will be for his account to accommodate them else where. Electricity point, running water and toilets are essential.


All prices quoted above are net of any discount.


Prices quoted are all dependant on fluctuation in the rand/euro rand/ dollar exchange rate. Prices will be adjusted where necessary.


Installation dates will depend on the availability of any steel or equipment that needs to be sourced.


The client gives Chicken Shack Agencies permission to enter property and remove equipment if balance of outstanding order is not paid in full upon agreed terms and conditions.


If the client indicated above has a non profit or bad cycle it remains that the client will ensure full payment due to Chicken Agencies at the agreed date or equipment will be decommissioned until payment received.


On signing these conditions the client binds himself to personal surityship for payment of the order.


Please ensure that there is sufficient power supply (electricity or generator) to operate all electrical tools within 30m of the site.


Please ensure that potable or running water is freely available not further than 30m from site.


Any delays as a result of these terms and condition not being met in full will be charged to the client at a rate equal to the cost of the installation team on site.


Weather Permitting - Please note that high winds and rain may prevent Chicken Shack Agencies from fulfilling delivery or installation dates.


Chicken Shack will not be held accountable for damage to equipment once it has arrived on site whatever the cause of the damage may be. This includes but is not limited to fire, theft and any impact damage from whatever source.


The client must ensure that all the equipment is fully insured immediately as it arrives on site. Any stolen or damaged goods will be recharged for plus delivery costs.


Please note that the ground must be absolutely level if CSA is to construct a Yellow Door house and free of any obstacles, weeds, bush or grass.


A main line water point must be available on site for connection to the drinking system.


If Chicken Shack installation team is required to do any installation or work outside the borders of RSA the client must organize and ensure that proper legal work permits are in place for the duration of the installation.


Any gas equipment quoted does not include full or empty gas cylinders.



Physical Address:

(address where installation is to take place)

Physical Address:

(address where installation is to take place)

Client Name:
I, the above undersigned client do hereby agree to the terms and conditions as stipulated on this quotation and have read and fully understand the above terms and condition, and accept them as binding do hereby give Chicken Shack Agencies sole supplier ship of the equipment indicated on this quotation.


Please Read this carefully. We cannot give you full service without the following. DOWNLOAD PDF