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Chicken Shack Agencies

Chicken Shack Agencies has been supplying the poultry industry with quality products and services for 20 years.

Our team of professionals can help you with the right equipment and poultry houses to suit you needs and climatic conditions.

Being one of the few poultry companies that actually manufactures poultry equipment in South Africa, we are able to offer ongoing support with spares, breakdowns and advice. The products that we do not make we import and have full back up and service from world renown poultry equipment suppliers. Gasolec and Impex have both given Chicken Shack Agencies the sole agency for their products - which speaks volumes about our service and supply chain.

We supply many successful poultry farmers around South AFrica and Southern Africa. Some of our bigger clients include Rainbow , Early Bird and NatChicks in Swaziland..

Remember that once you have decided on a supplier - often the equipment is unique to that company. If they are not manufacturing locally, and do not have their own in house teams - back up on spares and breakdowns become a problem. Your house, with the right equipment, can successfully run for upwards 15 years. Choose your chicken equipment supplier very carefully... you need a long term relationship withy a company that is prepared to sort your problems out ASAP - chickens cannot wait a week for water if your system has problems.. Good luck in your venture.

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